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11 December 2006

Andrea Nott and Christina Jones have been selected as the first two members of the 2008 Olympic Team for synchronized swimming. The rest of the team members will be determined in April of 2007.

It is typical to select the team this early, as it takes months to prepare a team in this sport. Routines must be choreographed and perfected well ahead of their debut in Bejing. Andrea and Christina can breath a sigh of relief now that their spots are secured on the team. These athletes have trained over a decade each for this opportunity to represent their country in the Olympic Games. Often it takes this long to develop into an elite athlete because the sport requires an incredible amount of talent - flexibility, creativity, maturity, coordination, muscle control, endurance, speed, agility, and the ability to hold your breath up to minutes at a time.

Keep an eye out for the US National Team to be announced after Team Trials end Tuesday, December 12th. The team will compete in the FINA World Championships to be held in Australia in March.

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