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16 September 2006

The 2006 Fina World Cup has begun in Yokohama, Japan. This is the top international competition of the year for this sport. Approximately 30 nations will compete in solo, duet, team, and combo. So far, Russia has once again dominated, taking first in the combo, solo and duet events.

You can watch the duet and team competitions this weekend at 4pm EST on the World Championship Sports Network web broadcast today and tomorrow Nathalie Bartleson, my teammate from the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal team, will commentate both events.

Team USA will be looking to medal in team, which for most people is the premier event in synchronized swimming. Although two years stand between now and the next Olympic Games in Beijing, the World Cup already serves as a lead up to the Olympics, and teams are fighting to step onto the podium. This competition is similar to the Olympic Games competition, in that all of the top synchronized swimming teams from around the world are present.

A controversy with the North Korean team is making headlines around the world. The North Korean team backed out of the event after three members of their delegation were not given visas to enter Japan.

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