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29 April 2005

The United States National Championships are being held this weekend in Washington state. Clubs and athletes from across the country are competing for the top spots in the nation, as well as places on the National Team. So far, after the technical routines, the Santa Clara Aquamaids (a club from California) are on top. Other top finishers are Stanford University and the Walnut Creek Aquanuts (another club from California).

Several 2004 Olympians are taking part in the competition, including Sara Lowe (Stanford University), Sonja and Bianca Vander Velden (from the Netherlands competing for the Santa Clara Aquamaids) and Courtenay Stewart (from Canada competing for Stanford University). Athletes from other nations can compete on US clubs and in the competition, but of course cannot try out for the National Team.

Keep an eye out for Sunday's results when the National Team will be determined.

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