March 2006 archives

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26 March 2006

I recently found this public service announcement regarding obesity. A few obese people speak candidly about weight loss challenges, while the clip shows them doing synchronized swimming. I don't quite get the connection between obesity and synchro; maybe they are promoting swimming as a weight loss strategy, which is a good option.

24 March 2006

The United States Collegiate Championships is being held at Stanford University this week. The competition brings together the top college/university athletes in the country. A battle looms again between Stanford and Ohio State. Check out the results of the competition, which conclude this weekend.

6 March 2006

Singapore is currently hosting the Asian Swimming Championships. The synchronized swimming event began today. The Singapore National Team is highlighted in Grace Under Pressure, which also describes their training regimen.

1 March 2006

Many people from around the world have sent me emails asking where they can find educational materials on the sport of synchronized swimming. Two good sources for books and videos are the USA Synchro Store and

For coaches, I recommend buying a Synchro Suzie Doll from the USA Synchro Store. This doll has parts that move so that you can show your swimmers how to do proper positioning.

For athletes, the figure books on are very informative and are full of drawings showing body positions.

synchronized swimming insights from an olympic gold medalist